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Tunnel Range




The 8 metre tunnel combines versatility with economy and is the ideal structure for projects on a limited budget. The original form of poly greenhouse which we have refined for today’s management practices.

Simple to construct and easy to maintain !!!


  • Span - 8 metres;
  • Bay size - 2.5 metres;
  • Overall Height - 4 metres;
  • Maximum preferred length for ventilation end to end - 30 metres;
  • Fully braced (each ring and ends) pipe frame structure in galvanised CHS and RHS;
  • Crop support capacity of 25kg per square metre;
  • Double doors and vents both ends as standard;
  • End coverings - Doors and vents in corrugated polycarbonate;
  • Summer ends in 50% windbreak to enhance ventilation;
  • Clip in end sheets for winter;
  • Single skin clear polythene (suitable for low crops);
  • Single skin diffused polythene (suitable for high vining crops); and
  • Main cover buried at sides on standard tunnel.


Fully Braced Frame Rack and Pinion Vent Drives Rollup Sides with Winches
Fully Braced Frame Rack and Pinion Vent Drives Rollup Sides with Winches


8x15 Tunnel
8x20 Tunnel
8x25 Tunnel
8x30 Tunnel
$ 4,953.98 $ 5,997.54 $ 7,041.11 $ 8,030.67 $ 9,074.24
Floor Area 80m2 120m2 160m2 200m2 240m2
Number of Bays 4 6 8 10 12


OPTIONS - Price on Application

  • Twin Skin Plastic
  • End Vent Drive with gearboxes
  • End Vent Drive with motor
  • Side rail with clamps for frame—one side
  • Side rail with clamps for frame—two sides
  • 1 Roll up side - (must have side rail added)
  • 2 Roll up sides - (must have side rails added)
  • Manual internal screen system
  • Motorised internal screen system
  • External “pull over” screen system
  • Exhaust fans
  • Wet wall cooling system (combine with fans)
  • Plans and certification for Shire approval
  • Travelling time, accommodation and meals

EXCLUSIONS: Earthworks; Underground Obstruction; Flooring; Plumbing; Wiring and Controls; Concrete for footings; Crop Growing System or Crop; Delivery


How to get the best from your 8m tunnel

Ventilation: Build the structure on a slight slope to enhance the air movement end to end. Use windbreak ends in summer.

Shading: Summer shading with a thermal screen fitted internally or externally over the plastic cover.

Hydroponic layouts: The 8 metre tunnel will house 5 double rows of plants in NFT, Growool or Bag culture. The crop is suspended from the wind bracing on wires and the tunnel ends are braced to accept the load.

Heating: Make sure you have twin skin plastic to save energy.


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